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What is global cultural competence and why does it matter? How does global competence relate to diversity, and what strategies for inclusion can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals? This course examines how global and diverse perspectives can keep organizational thinking flexible, how inclusiveness can promote teamwork, and how differences can be leveraged to improve productivity. The classroom experience will help you develop skills to relate across cultures and contexts.

This course is part of the Executive Pathways series and is required for the Master of Science in Leadership.

“Never have I been a part of diversity training that approached this content in such a unique, thought-provoking, and immediate life-changing way!” – BEE Participant

OPM Competency

  • Leveraging differences

Program Benefits:

  • Leverage multiple perspectives into organizational greatness
  • Demonstrate global breadth of perspective to work across cultures
  • Employ open, broad participation techniques to produce more effective results
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