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As a public leader, you work in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. During, the four-and-a-half day Executive Leadership for America (ELA) residency, you discuss common challenges with professionals from across government and develop strategies for change.

Content focuses on constitutional government and the role of public service, personal resilience, work-life balance, and ways leaders create an emotional bond with their employees.

As a result, the residency serves as a venue for leadership renewal, a vital component of your agency’s mission and values.

Held in Charlottesville, Virginia, ELA is designed for public leaders grade GS-15 to the Senior Executive Service. A limited number of GS-14 managers may be admitted, however.

Note: You can earn Master of Science in Leadership program credit for two ELA courses: Resilience in Leadership and Motivating People.

“The program is truly transformative, restorative and rehabilitative. It spawned introspection; fostered growth; and renewed my dedication to lead with passion,purpose and prudence.” – Class participant

Program Benefits:

  • Understand the historical framework for constitutional government and the obligations of the oath of office
  • Strengthen your connection to public service and how it solves problems for the American people
  • Acquire strategies for the creation of a work environment that is responsive to change and true to an organization’s purpose
  • Acquire strategies for building resilience and leadership excellence
  • Adopt creative-thinking skills that help government agencies better address future challenges
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