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How can government create a culture responsive to the needs of internal and external customers? How can you meet growing customer needs when resources are limited? How do managers use best practices in customer service to create agile and responsive organizations?

In this new course, you will discover the secrets to excellent customer service thereby demonstrating public value and improving your agency’s reputation. You will understand how to create a reputation as a trusted advisor and the many benefits this role accrues. And you will uncover the role of systems thinking to assess, balance, and integrate competing needs and demands of different customer groups. The result of this course is an ability to create a dynamic customer focus that will help improve performance throughout your organization.


  • Customer Service

Program Benefits:

  • Improve interpersonal engagement, consultation, and communication towards internal and external customers
  • Learn how to identify underlying sources and issues behind constituent needs to provide service that best addresses them
  • Plan strategically to provide timely solutions that also focus on long-term benefits
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