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Brookings Board of Trustees Demographics

The Brookings Board of Trustees is the Institution’s governing body, comprised of 56 distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the Institution’s governance. In addition to fiduciary Trustees, Brookings also has Senior and Lifetime Trustees. Trustees with fiduciary responsibilities are listed on the Institution’s Form 990 annual tax filing and included in the tables below. The collection of demographic data from Trustees is voluntary and based on those who chose to self-report for particular categories, accordingly, the numbers reported for each category vary (as indicated in the notes under each chart).

The Board of Trustees has embraced diversity and inclusion not only for Brookings staff but also for itself. Accordingly, the Nominations and Governance Committee of the Board welcomes and actively seeks nominees to the Brookings Board who represent diversity in all its aspects.

Please note that the pie charts below are interactive. To see the percentages represented by each “slice,” hover the cursor over the “slice.”

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