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Frequently Asked Questions about iTunes U

(Get courses from Brookings 101 @ iTunes U)

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a collection of free courses from the world’s leading institutions, which offer research, books, audio, video and other resources on thousands of topics.

What technology do I need to view course materials on iTunes U?

For the optimal experience and to access all materials for a course, you should download the iTunes U app. The iTunes U app can be downloaded for free from the App Store on an iPhone and iPad. You can also access iTunes U materials on your Mac or PC using iTunes. (Content from iTunes U can be downloaded to Android devices, but there is not a recommended tool for doing so. We recommend searching for compatible apps for your device.) Click here for more information on using iTunes U.

How do I access Brookings courses and materials on iTunes U?

Step 1: In the iTunes U app, you can find all Brookings courses by visiting “Featured” and using the magnifying glass to search for “Brookings Institution.” Once you find the course you’d like to take, hit the Subscribe button to download the course to your app.

Select a course

Step 2: Your courses will be saved in “My Courses.” Opening the course will reveal an overview of the subject you’re about to learn and the structure of the course.

Course overview

Step 3: Use the buttons at the bottom of the app to navigate the course sections, materials and assignments.

Course sections

Do I get credit for taking a Brookings course on iTunes U?

Brookings courses are designed for building personal knowledge only, and are not a part of any accredited higher education program nor are they affiliated in any way with the Brookings Executive Education program.

How can I view all of Brookings’s iTunes U courses?

You can find each of Brookings’s iTunes U courses on our website here, or on iTunes here. Both will be updated when we develop new courses in the future.

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