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Working Time around the World

Trends in Working Hours, Laws and Policies in a Global Comparative Perspective

By Sangheon Lee, Deirdre McCann, and Jon C. Messenger

This volume provides the richest array of data ever assembled for analyzing working time in the developing world. It is the first of its kind to offer a comparative analysis of trends in developing and transition countries. Tracking trends in hours of work and the organization of working time, the book examines the diverse, and often complex, circumstances that exist in the following countries: Brazil, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, the Russian Federation, Senegal and Tunisia. The study also analyzes the issues and trends from an even broader range of countries, drawing from the ILO’s new database of working time laws, existing data on average weekly working hours, and a new standardized questionnaire collecting data on the distribution of weekly working hourse from national statistics.

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