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Work Inequalities in the Crisis

Evidence from Europe

Edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead

This volume provides an in-depth overview of the effects of the global financial crisis on inequalities in the world of work. It examines these inequalities multidimensionally, looking at employment, wages and incomes, working conditions, and social dialogue, and investigates whether the crisis may halt the progress made in Europe toward better quality jobs and working conditions. The book includes assessments of national trends in thirty European countries and fourteen country case studies by noted European specialists on individual enterprises or sectors as well as policy solutions adopted at the national and local levels.

By providing an accessible survey of the policies proposed and adopted, this volume contributes to identifying policy responses that strengthen economic competitiveness, preserve social cohesion, and do not aggravate or deepen inequalities in the current circumstances. It also sheds light on an aspect of the crisis that has been poorly documented so far: its microeconomic effects on different types of workers and the areas of work that directly matter to them.

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