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Vocational Education and Training Institutions

A Management Handbook and CD-ROM

Edited by Vladimir Gasskov

Effective public governance and management continue to be key issues in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Most countries operate large numbers of VET institutions that face an increasing demand for education and training services and absorb a large share of their government budgets. Although national systems vary from country to country, all governments want their VET institutions to operate flexibly and cost efficiently, and to respond quickly to changes in the labor markets. This instructional handbook is based on documented experiences of VET institutions” managers from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The text is not country specific but provides general approaches to the management of VET institutions. The accompanying CD-ROM provides summaries of national management practices in the VET sector and contains summaries of national policies, reports, and legal documents, as well as real-life management instruments applied by VET institutions.The handbook and CD-ROM are intended as self-learning materials for VET managers, as resource material for management development programs in the VET sector, and as an outline for performance review of VET institutions.

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