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Unmasking Terror

A Global Review of Terrorist Activities

Edited by Jonathan D. Hutzley; Introduction by Marc Sageman

Unmasking Terror provides a thorough snapshot of the most important developments in global terrorist activities over the past year. Featuring over 50 foreign experts on terrorism, intelligence, and security, whose analyses derive from indigenous language sources originating in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Libya, Algeria, Chechnya, Europe, and beyond, the series provides unique information and objective analysis that are simply not found elsewhere. The latest volume explains the motivations and underlying logic of the latest developments in global terrorist strategy, doctrine, and activity. Unmasking Terror is organized by geographic region and is therefore an accessible resource from which to approach the complexities and everchanging terrain of international terrorism. Time and again, Unmasking Terror has provided insight for private-sector analysts, policymakers, intelligence officials, and anyone seeking a greater understanding of al Qaeda and the many challenges of combating terrorism.

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