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Unheard Voices of the Next Generation

Emergent Leaders in Libya

Edited by Ali Abusedra and Sasha Toperich; Director Nizar Kirkesh
Cvr: Unheard Voices

Libya is a dynamic country with a rich and turbulent history that goes far beyond present conflicts. Its people have long fought for freedom and self-government. This publication offers a framework for understanding the pursuit of this progress. The chapters herein presents Libya as seen by a next generation of leaders, ready to build peaceful, democratic, and inclusive institutions. Using events in Libya’s recent history as a guide (the establishment of the United Kingdom of Libya under King Idris in 1951; the establishment of the Libyan Arab Republic under Gaddafi in 1969; and the struggle for unity following the 2011 February 17th Revolution), the authors envisage a bettter future for Libya, one in which the light of hard-fought liberty is preserved for generations to come. Through the insights of professionals and experts, above all new Libyan voices, this volume is testament of a bright and secured future for a beautiful and compelling country.

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