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Transforming Homeland Security

U.S. and European Approaches

Edited by Esther Brimmer

In this book U.S. and European experts explore possible roles for armed services, intelligence services, and the private sector in homeland security in different countries. The contributors examine lessons learned from transformation programs for homeland security, analyze evolving conceptions of security, and suggest a joint road map for immediate and long-term policy action at national, European, and transatlantic levels. Contributors include Sandra Bell (Homeland Security and Resilience Department, RUSI), Heiko Borchert (Dr. Heiko Borchert and Co. and Dusseldorf Institute for Foreign and Security Policy, DIAS),Yves Boyer (Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique), Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen (Danish Institute for International Studies), Gerd Foehrenbach (Bundeswehr Center for Transformation), BG Gustav Gustenau (Austrian Ministry of Defense), Daniel Hamilton (Center for Transatlantic Relations), Lawrence J. Korb (Center for American Progress), Gustav Lindstrom (European Union Institute for Security Studies), Pauline Neville-Jones (QinetiQ Group plc and the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council), and Alexander Schuller (Free University-Berlin).

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