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Transformation Index/BTI 2012

Political Management in International Comparison

By Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) is a global ranking that analyzes and evaluates development and transformation processes in 128 countries. It provides the international public and political actors with a comprehensive view of how each of these countries is progressing toward democracy and a market economy, as well as the quality of their political management. Countries selected for in-depth analysis have yet to achieve a fully consolidated democracy and market economy and have populations of more than two million.

The peaceful transition of authoritarian regimes toward democracy and a market economy poses enormous challenges for citizens and politicians alike. Around the world, under wide-ranging conditions and with varying degrees of success, reformoriented groups are struggling to democratize their countries and to strengthen the market economy. Good governance is the decisive factor for the success or failure of any transition process. This edition of the Index measures and compares transition processes in transformation countries with data collected from 2009–2011 and establishes their global rankings based on detailed country reports.

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