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Trade Union Strategies towards Global Production Systems

International Journal of Labour Research Issue 1

By International Labor Office

The International Journal of Labour Research is a new journal launched in the fall of 2009 by the Bureau of Workers’ Activities of the ILO. Its aim is to provide an overview of recent research on labor and social policies from trade union researchers and academics around the world. The journal is multidisciplinary and of interest to trade union researchers, labor ministries, and academics of all relevant disciplines—industrial relations, sociology, law, economics, and political science. Published twice a year in English, French, and Spanish, each issue focuses on a specific theme.


• Business as Usual? Governing the Supply Chain in Clothing—Post MFA Phase-Out: The Case of Cambodia

• Feeding the Financial Markets: Food Corporations and the Financialization of Global Production Systems

• At Loggerheads? Global Production Chains and Sustainable Development in the Forestry Industry

• Attracting Foreign Investment at All Costs? The Case of Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and Ramatex in Namibia

• Digital Reorganization

• Organizing the High-Tech Ghettos of Globalization

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