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Trade Agreements, Multifunctionality and EU Agriculture

Edited by Eleni Kaditi and Johan Swinnen

This volume is the result of research and exchange activities within the European Network of Agricultural and Rural Policy Research Institutes (ENARPRI). It synthesizes various analyses related to EU agricultural policies, trade agreements, and the issue of multifunctionality. The book focuses on the impact of regional, bilateral, and multilateral trade agreements that the EU has concluded or is in the process of negotiating, as well as on the interaction between EU policies and trade agreements, in the context of multifunctionality and sustainable development. Most of the trade agreements examined are extremely complex and impact not only efficiency and growth, but also income and welfare distribution within the EU. Special attention is given to the effects of possible WTO negotiation outcomes on the EU and third countries, as well as on the impact of the EuroMed trade proposals and agreements on trade flows and economic development of the EU’s trading partners in the Mediterranean.

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