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To Make the Earth Bear Fruit

Ethnographic Essays on Fertility, Work and Gender in Highland Bolivia

By Olivia Harris

This volume opens a new series by the Institute of Latin American Studies dedicated to collecting the best work of leading Latin Americanists in the United Kingdom. The book brings together previously published ethnographic essays based on anthropological fieldwork in Northern Potosí, Bolivia, spanning the last 25 years. The introduction puts into context the pieces within the empirical and analytical developments in Latin American and Andean anthropology. The essays discuss key concerns and cultural symbols of the indigenous peasants of the Andes: the importance of the land and practices relating to its continued fertility; the cult of the dead; the complex division of labor and forms of circulation within the indigenous economy; the work of gender; and the mythological figure of the earth-mother. While based upon detailed ethnographic research, all the chapters also engage in theoretical and analytical debate both within and beyond the discipline.

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