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Thou, My Fellow Officer

By Eric Bonnemaison; Preface by David Huntoon; Foreword by Paolo Tripodi

In this book, one of the most battle-tested French generals of his generation offers a candid insider’s view of military leadership in modern warfare. Using dozens of personal combat experiences as examples, along with insightful observations, General Eric Bonnemaison vividly details the responsibilities, struggles, and emotions faced by an officer in combat. He also proposes sweeping new political principles of war, discusses the virtues a successful officer must possess, and introduces the revolutionary paradigm of “quanta strategy” to fight terrorism. Written in a bracing, direct style, this book aims to inspire future officers, as well as their families. It also provides an enthralling read for anyone who wants a better understanding of the operations our soldiers perform around the world—and the human and geopolitical challenges those engagements pose.

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