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The White House and the World

A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President

Edited by Nancy Birdsall

The last few years have seen a steep decline in the perceived legitimacy of U.S. policies and values in the world. How will the next American president regain the country’s power and influence so that it is capable of tackling the global challenges of the 21st century? T he White House and the World explores areas where changes in U.S. policies can conceivably improve the lives of the poor in developing countries, thereby not only protecting our own national security but also restoring America’s credibility in the world. In selected essays, Center for Global Development fellows explore a range of topics such as trade policy, migration, foreign aid, and climate change and offer practical recommendations for effective change to the next president. Authors and topics include Michael Clemens on migration, Dennis de Tray on corruption, Kimberly Elliott on trade, Ruth Levine on health, Theodore Moran on private investment, Mead Over on HIV/AIDS, Stewart Patrick on fragile states, Steve Radelet on foreign assistance, Vijaya Ramachandran on development in Africa, and David Wheeler on climate change.

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