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The Transatlantic Economy 2014: Volume 1

By Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan

The Transatlantic Economy annual surveys have become a standard reference for businesses, policymakers, and media interested in the changing role of the U.S. and Europe in the global economy. The 2014 survey offers the most up-to-date set of facts, figures, and analysis available on the deep economic integration binding Europe and the United States.

Volume 1 describes the impact of economic and financial crises, prospects for the dollar and euro, the position of the transatlantic economy in relation to high-growth emerging markets, and the changing landscape of international innovation.

Volume 2 documents Europeansourced jobs, trade, and investment in each of the fifty U.S. states and U.S.-sourced jobs, trade, and investment in thirty European countries. As the U.S. and Europe negotiate a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, The Transatlantic Economy 2014 will be an indispensable reference.

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