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The Promotion of Sustainable Enterprises

By Graeme Buckley, José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, and Michael Henriques

Promoting sustainable enterprises requires strengthening the institutions and the governance systems that nurture them. It is also important to ensure that human, financial, and natural resources are combined equitably and efficiently to achieve innovation and enhanced productivity. This calls for new forms of cooperation among government, business, labor, and society to ensure that the quality of present and future life and employment is maximized while safeguarding the sustainability of the planet. This volume provides detailed guidance on what constitutes a conducive environment for sustainable enterprises. It notes that such an environment combines the legitimate quest for profit with the need for development that respects human dignity, environmental sustainability, and decent work. The book underscores the principle that sustainable enterprises need sustainable societies—that business tends to thrive where societies thrive and vice versa.

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