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The Labour Markets of Emerging Economies

Has Growth Translated into More and Better Jobs?

Edited by Sandrine Cazes and Sher Verick
the labour markets of emerging economies cover

The past few decades have witnessed the economic and geopolitical rise of a number of large middle-income countries that have, to varying degrees, embarked on a rapid path to economic development. Despite the economic progress made, however, improvements in the labor market have not been as impressive.

This volume focuses on the labor market situations, trends, and regulations in these emerging economies. The authors examine how they have dealt with both short-term issues, namely the global financial crisis, and longer-term structural challenges. Informality, working poverty, and vulnerable employment continue to be the norm for most workers in these countries.

Part I compares labor market trends and the institutional and regulatory environments, referencing a range of countries including China and India. Part II includes in-depth case studies of Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, and Turkey. Overall, the volume shows that countries with effective policies and institutions in place are better equipped to tackle labor market challenges.

Copublished with Palgrave Macmillan

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