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The Imperative of Good Local Governance

Challenges for the Next Decade of Decentralization

Edited by Joakim Öjendal and Anki Dellnäs

This is a true state-of-the-art volume in the fields of local governance, decentralization, and local democracy. It summarizes many of the insights emerging from original research of the past decade. It is also a future-looking volume with explicit policy relevance, paving the way for innovative thinking, and acting, on the next phase of development in the field.

In a unique way this book brings together authoritative contributions from authors who to a large extent have been defining the field for the last decade or more. It looks at how good governance is created from top-down and bottom-up perspectives, illustrated through a wide variety of case studies. The case studies were selected for their relevance to the theoretical perspectives offered, as well as for their paradigmatic power in the current global evolution of decentralized policies and politics.

The volume concludes that overall, local development and local politics will not go away—it has a huge potential—but also that the field is full of unfulfilled promises, some of which could be remedied through the perspectives revealed in this volume.

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