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The Impact of Chaos on Science and Society

Edited by Celso Grebogi and James A. Yorke

In the past decade there has been an explosion of interest in chaotic dynamics. Prompted by the growing body of knowledge about chaotic behavior in an increasing number of scientific disciplines, this volume brings together a distinguished group of experts to evaluate the impact that chaos has had on the conduct of science and on our understanding of society. This book includes contributions from mathematicians, physicists, biological and medical scientists, geoscientists, engineers, economists, and social scientists—including pioneers and world leaders in research on chaos. The result is a lively and stimulating international, interdisciplinary exchange of experiences and ideas on chaos phenomena. The book concludes with a discussion of the past and possible future impacts of chaos in the physical and social sciences. It offers an assessment of the general impact of chaos theory and will further enhance the interaction among scientists who may discover that chaotic dynamics play an important part in their respective fields. Readers will find a unique documentation of the history of the development of chaos theory and record of a historic interaction among the founders of the field.

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