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The Future of American Defense

Edited by Nicholas Burns; Foreword by Joseph S. Nye and Brent Scowcroft
the future of american defense cover

In this volume, national security experts, academics, and business leaders discuss how to balance the aims and objectives of U.S. defense strategy with current fiscal realities.The book also offers strategies to coordinate defense spending between the executive branch and Congress.


Austerity and U.S. Strategy: Lessons of the Past The Fifth Annual Ernest May Memorial Lecture Melvyn P. Leffler (University of Virginia)

U.S. Defense Strategy in a Post-9/11, Post-War Era of Austerity Michèle Flournoy (Boston Consulting Group)

Defense Entropy and Future Readiness, Fast and Slow Philip Zelikow (University of Virginia)

Explaining and Sustaining the Pivot (Rebalance) to Asia Kurt Campbell (Asia Group)

The United States Military and the Middle East Michael O’Hanlon (Brookings Institution)

Fiscal Shock, Combat Awe: Preserving Fighting Power in the New Austerity John Dowdy and Diana Farrell (McKinsey & Company)

Defense Drawdown: Dealing with the “Back Office” and Acquisition Costs Gordon Adams (American University)

Re-Imagining U.S. National Security Jane Holl Lute (Council on CyberSecurity)

Getting Beyond Denial Carla Anne Robbins (City University of New York; Council on Foreign Relations)

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