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The Ever-Changing Union

An Introduction to the History, Institutions and Decision-Making Processes of the European Union

By Christian Egenhofer, Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, Sebastian Kurpas, and Louise van Schaik

The Ever-Changing Union provides a concise overview of the EU’s history, its institutional structures, and European decisionmaking processes. The book provides all the information needed to acquire an understanding of the complex institutional system that the EU has evolved into and that has been changing ever since its creation. This second edition focuses on the key innovations introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon, especially on how it affects the EU’s external operations.

The book is designed for those with an initial or an occasional interest in European policies and politics. It is written in a style geared for senior policymakers from outside the EU as well as for civil servants, diplomats, business executives, NGO representatives, and students and scholars who deal with the European Union regularly in their work.

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