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The Business of Sustainable Development in Africa

Human Rights, Partnerships, Alternative Business Models

Edited by Ralph Hamann, Stu Woolman, and Courtenay Sprague

The strategies that business managers pursue can have far-reaching impacts on communities and the environment—particularly in countries with severe poverty and weak governance. This book argues that pursuing a values-based approach to business strategy, coupled with a willingness to innovate and collaborate, can help companies ensure that their impact is a positive one.

Although the book focuses almost entirely on Africa, the lessons of the case studies and critical essays are salient for how business is and should be conducted around the world. The overarching themes of human rights, cross-sector partnerships, and alternative business models are each considered in an overview essay in Part 1 and then subsequently illustrated in diverse case studies. The combination of conceptual discussion and illustrative case studies make this an important contribution on the changing role of business in the world today.

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