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The Arctic and the World Order

Edited by Kristina Spohr and Daniel S. Hamilton; Associate editor Jason C. Moyer
Cvr: The Arctic and the World Order

The Arctic, long described as the world’s last frontier, is quickly becoming our first frontier—the front line in a world of more diffuse power, sharper geopolitical competition, and deepening interdependencies between people and nature. A space of often-bitter cold, the Arctic is the fastest-warming place on earth. It is humanity’s canary in the coal mine—an early warning sign of the world’s climate crisis.

The Arctic “regime” has pioneered many innovative means of governance among often-contentious state and non-state actors. Instead of being the “last white dot on the map,” the Arctic is where the contours of our rapidly evolving world may first be glimpsed. In this book, scholars and practitioners—from Anchorage to Moscow, from Nuuk to Hong Kong—explore the huge political, legal, social, economic, geostrategic and environmental challenges confronting the Arctic regime, and what this means for the future of world order.

Praise for The Arctic and World Order

“Even established Arctic hands will likely learn new details from these well-structured essays. The editors have compiled a notable cast, and their essays are certain to generate surplus value for every reader.”
—Cornell Overfield, Lawfare

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