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Teachers Matter

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

Good teachers are the backbone of any education system. That’s why governments are constantly seeking teacher policies that will help them recruit and retain the best. Teachers Matter provides a comprehensive, international analysis of: trends and developments in the teacher workforce in 25 countries around the world; research on attracting, developing, and retaining effective teachers; innovative and successful policies and practices that countries have implemented; and teacher policy options for countries to consider. The book also provides positive examples of where policies are making a difference. It spotlights countries where teachers’ social standing is high, and where there are more qualified applicants than vacant posts. Even in countries where shortages have been a concern, there are recent signs of increased interest in teaching, and policy initiatives appear to be taking effect. At a time when many countries are facing an aging teaching workforce and having trouble attracting new recruits, this book provides insights into how governments can successfully deal with these issues.

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