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Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues

A Literature Review

By Albert Park, Gaurav Nayyar, and Patrick Low

Global value chains (GVCs) have been a feature of the international economic architecture for many years, but scholarly interest in the phenomenon is more recent. Today that interest is intense, emanating from an array of academic disciplines as well as from the policy world. The literature that attempts to understand and explain GVCs is vast, multidisciplinary and no less complex than the phenomenon itself. This volume, jointly produced by the Fung Global Institute and the World Trade Organization, is an attempt to capture the core features and themes of the exploding literature on GVCs.

Contents Part I. Supply Chain Perspectives 1. Supply chains in the economics literature

2. Supply chains in the business literature

Part II. Supply Chain Issues 3. Supply chains and offshoring

4. Supply chains, upgrading and development

5. Supply chains and risk

6. Supply chains and SMEs

7. Supply chains and services

8. Supply chains and trade in value-added

9. Supply chains and business models

10. Supply chains and sustainability

11. Supply chains and trade policy

12. Supply chains and trade finance

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