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Slowdown in the People’s Republic of China

Structural Factors and Implications for Asia

Edited by Justin Yifu Lin, Peter J. Morgan, and Guanghua Wan

The economy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has surged almost 10% annually since economic reforms began in 1978, ensuring the PRC’s position as an engine of global growth. But by 2016 growth slowed to less than 7%. Is it a structural or cyclical slowdown? If structural, the implications for growth, trade, and investment in other Asian economies will be significant.

This book (i) explains the long-term slowdown in advanced Asian economies and what it means for the PRC; (ii) assesses the structural factors shaping the PRC economy and how they will influence its growth over the next decade; (iii) shows how growth, trade, investment, and employment in emerging Asian economies could be impacted; and (iv) evaluates policies that could offset some of the negative factors.

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