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Securing the Future

US Immigrant Integration Policy: A Reader

Edited by Michael Fix

Immigration policy has once again risen near the top of America’s political agenda. Securing the Future discusses why integration needs to be central to debates over immigration reform in the United States. The authors are participants in the Task Force on Immigration and America’s Future convened by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Manhattan Institute. They seek to define what policymakers and scholars mean by “integration” while attempting to sketch out the general shape U.S. integration policy should take. Additionally, the volume reviews evidence of immigrants’ integration by examining the second generation’s progress. It focuses on trends in education, health, the workforce, and citizenship. The book concludes by briefly discussing key elements of a national integration policy, noting several issues raised in the debate over comprehensive immigration reform. These include health care coverage for temporary workers and legal immigrants and the merits of providing impact aid to state and local governments.

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