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Securing Livelihoods for All

Foresight for Action

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

The world has made good progress in improving global livelihoods. More than two billion people have emerged from extreme poverty over the last four decades. Other notable improvements include real increases in wages for unskilled workers, better life expectancy, greater gender equality, and more widespread literacy. However, a number of daunting challenges threaten to undo this progress, particularly on the demographic and environmental fronts. While outlining the status of livelihoods today, this fascinating report enumerates the main emerging trends that will have a significant impact on livelihoods in the near future. The book looks at a range of issues: economy, technology, demography, environment, security, and governance. And it presents five possible future scenarios for livelihoods, whose positive or negative outcomes depend on how several emerging challenges are dealt with. It concludes with ideas for global, national, and local action that hold significant promise for securing resilient livelihoods for all.

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