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Safety and Health in Underground Coalmines

ILO Code of Practice

By International Labor Office

This code reflects the many changes in the coal industry and its workforce and new developments in occupational safety and health policies as well as ILO instruments on occupational safety and health. It also takes into consideration new technology; a leaner, multiskilled workforce; and a less prescriptive, more systems-oriented approach to addressing safety and health. The code specifies the roles of authorities, employers, workers, and their organizations. It also includes a methodology for identifying hazards and preventing and minimizing risks, as well as specific provisions for safe underground coalmining operations.

These specific provisions address most of the currently identified hazards and risks associated with underground coalmining. When used in conjunction with the code’s methodology for hazard identification, risk assessment, and control process, these provisions represent current best practices. At the same time, the code is drafted so as not to inhibit the development of new technologies, better practices, or the adoption of alternative measures that provide effective protection to all persons involved in underground coalmining.

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