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Russia: Lost in Transition

The Yeltsin and Putin Legacies

By Lilia Shevtsova

Russian history is first and foremost a history of personalized power. As Russia startles the international community with its assertiveness and faces both parliamentary and presidential elections, Lilia Shevtsova searches the histories of the Yeltsin and Putin regimes. She explores within them conventional truths and myths about Russia, paradoxes of Russian political development, and Russia’s role in the world. Russia—Lost in Transition discovers a logic of government in Russia—a political regime and the type of capitalism that were formulated during the Yeltsin and Putin presidencies and will continue to dominate Russia’s trajectory in the near term. Looking forward as well as back, Shevtsova speculates about the upcoming elections as well as the self-perpetuating system in place—the legacies of Yeltsin and Putin—and how it will dictate the immediate political future. She also explores several scenarios for Russia’s future over the next decade.

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