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Rethinking the Attractiveness of EU Labour Immigration Policies

Comparative Perspectives on the EU, the US, Canada, and Beyond

Edited by Sergio Carrera, Elspeth Guild, and Katharina Eisele
Rethinking the Attractiveness of EU Labour Immigration Policies

This volume analyzes the determinants that make for attractive labor immigration policies in different international settings with a view to providing academic input for informed decisionmaking in the next phases of European immigration policy formulation. Increasingly, priority has been given to encouraging third-country workers labeled as “highly qualified or skilled” or “talented” to choose the EU instead of other international destinations such as the United States or Canada and thereby meet the perceived needs of EU member states’ labor markets. A number of questions are discussed, including the following: Is there a trade-off between the openness of migration policies and the granting of rights (that is, more openness, fewer rights)? What obstacles prevent the recognition of foreign qualifications and skills? Can labor market “needs” be effectively determined? And what should be key priorities for the EU in the years to come?

Findings are presented in four sections: rights and discrimination; qualifications, skills, and needs; international perspectives; and the next generation of the EU immigration policy.

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