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Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration

The Transatlantic Council on Migration

By Bertelsmann Stiftung

Greater mobility and migration have brought about unprecedented levels of diversity, transforming communities on both sides of the Atlantic in fundamental ways and sparking uncertainty over who “we” are in a society. Yet, while a consensus may be emerging as to what has not worked well, little thought has been given to developing a new organizing principle for community cohesion. Such a vision needs to smooth divisions between immigration’s “winners and losers,” blunt extremism, and respond smartly to changing community and national identities.

This volume examines the lessons that can be drawn from various approaches to immigrant integration and managing diversity in North America and Europe. It delivers recommendations on what policymakers must do to build and reinforce inclusiveness given the realities in both regions. It offers insights into the next generation of policies that can (re)build inclusive societies and bring immigrants and natives together in pursuit of shared futures.

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