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Rethinking Economic Growth

Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies

By International Labor Office
rethinking economic growth cover

This report examines prospects for creating decent employment in the Middle East. It traces the consequences of the Arab Spring uprisings for labor markets in the wake of a surge in commodity and energy prices, the impacts of a global recession on public revenues, increased uncertainty for investors, a rise in unemployment, and greater demands for social justice.

The report concludes that economic growth in the next decade hinges on good governance to enable structural and institutional reforms. Calling for a new development model that delivers equitable growth and social justice, it underlines the need for macropolicy coherence that can enhance productivity and wages and expand social protection systems to provide employment and livelihood security. It offers valuable insights to Arab policymakers as they tackle the dual challenge of short-term crisis effects and preexisting structural deficits.

Copublished by the ILO Regional Office for the Arab States and UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States

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