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Reforming from the Top

A Leaders' 20 Summit

Edited by John English, Ramesh Thakur, and Andrew F. Cooper

The system of global governance is under serious challenge. Some scholars and practitioners have suggested that the time has come for the establishment of new multilateral forums that reflect 21st century realities. One option attracting increased attention is to create a summit of the leaders of 20 nations (L20), an institution that draws its inspiration from both the current G7/8 leaders’ meetings and the G20 finance ministers’ meetings. This book explores whether the creation of an L20 is a feasible possibility. It offers thematic and geographic arguments in favor of the L20, with a particular emphasis on the larger role that it could play in bringing about reform of the global economic and financial systems. The book concludes with a discussion of the changing nature of relationships in a globalized world, and makes a case for why an L20 would be a worthwhile addition to the international architecture.

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