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Putin’s Russia

By Lilia Shevtsova

This revised edition includes and examination of the recent presidential and parliamentary elections and their effects on Putin’s leadership and Russia. Praise for the previous edition: “Out of her blunt, often acerbic, account come shrewd insights into Putin’s transformation from an implausible, contrived successor into a dominator unchallenged by oligarchs, legislators, or regional bosses, let alone a democratic opposition.”—Foreign Affairs “Shevtsova is one of the most astute and independent-minded observers of the Russian political scene.”—Times Literary Supplement “Offers many insights into Kremlin court politics, as well as Mr. Putin and his foes.”—The Economist “This well-informed Russian observer offers a straightforward situation report. Shevtsova’s scorecard will interest serious Russia watchers.”—Booklist “An insightful account of how the Russian president is swaying on a pendulum between reform and stability.”—Survival “A timely, expert book.”—Washington Post

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