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Public Sector Shock

The Impact of Policy Retrenchment in Europe

Edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead

This volume provides an in-depth overview of the effects of the public sector adjustments currently being carried out by most European governments. The aim is to curb public deficits, and they involve significant cuts in jobs and wages as well as in education and training. These reforms have given rise to waves of protest throughout Europe. This volume studies this “public sector shock.”

While budgetary reforms aim to ensure more balanced and sound economic policy, they may generate new work inequalities among public sector employees in general and in particular among women, who account for a considerable proportion of public sector employment. These cuts may also have an impact on human capital in both the public and private sectors and reduce the future quality of public services.

On the basis of a unique comparative and comprehensive assessment carried out on 15 countries by noted European specialists—and illustrated by case studies in education, health, and public administration—policy issues are discussed with the aim of finding the right mix of public sector reforms both in and outside Europe.

Copublished with Edward Elgar

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