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Perspectives on Labour Economics for Development

Edited by Sandrine Cazes and Sher Verick

In developing countries, labor markets play a central role in determining economic and social progress because employment status is a key determinant to exiting poverty and promoting inclusion. This book seeks to provide comprehensive but nontechnical coverage of labor market issues in a developing country context to help policymakers improve their understanding of these topics and develop effective policy responses.

Part I provides a broad overview of key issues, including characterizing the employment challenge in developing countries and the link between economic growth, distribution, poverty, and employment. Drawing on the literature and country examples, Part II analyzes the specific topics of wages, migration, and education. Part III addresses labor market institutions and policies and offers systematic approaches to quantifying labor markets in developing countries.

This is an invaluable reference for policymakers in middle- and low-income countries as well as an ideal handbook for teachers and students of economics and development.

Contributors include Janine Berg (ILO), Duncan Campbell (ILO), Mirco Tonin (University of Southampton, UK, and Central European University, Hungary), Patrick Belser (ILO), Alexandre Kolev (International Training Centre, ILO, Italy), Naercio Aquino Menezes Filho (Institute of Education and Research, Brazil), Sandrine Cazes (ILO), Sher Verick (ILO Office for South Asia, India), and Theo Sparreboom (ILO).

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