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Perspectives on Global Development 2013

New Strategies for Development

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

During the past decade, the global economic center of gravity has shifted eastward and southward, creating new opportunities for economic cooperation, trade, and investment, but also new challenges. This shifting wealth is a game changer for economic policy and is at the center of the Perspectives on Global Development series, which documents the phenomenon and analyzes its implications for social cohesion and productive growth strategies.

The 2013 edition discusses the challenges and opportunities that the new global scenario and shifting wealth are opening in developing countries. The rise of emerging economies is transforming patterns of trade and consumption worldwide. Yet, these new economic opportunities are marred by concerns about the sustainability of current growth patterns and structural weaknesses in developing countries. In this context, sequenced and coordinated policies become crucial. This report explores the role of deliberate national productive growth strategies to enable the structural changes required to achieve inclusive and sustainable development.

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