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Pacific Asia 2022

Sketching Futures of a Region

Edited by Simon S. C. Tay

The profound effects of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis encompass more than economic concerns. Throughout Asia Pacific the crisis prompted a reassessment of governance, values, social safety structures, the commitment of the United States to the region, and the value of such institutions as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. In this book, six authors from the region present a policy-relevant blueprint for the future by examining both past experience and current challenges. An overview chapter presents a general assessment of the social, political, economic, and cultural changes affecting the region. Individual chapters address such specific topics as establishing a new security order for the region, strategies to promote the efficiencies associated with information technology, the use of new technology to reduce social inequities, the state of trade and investment regimes, sustainable development, demographic challenges, governance, and institutional challenges and opportunities. Contributors include Xuejun Yu (China Population Information and Research Center), Louis Lebel (Chiang Mai University), Jamus Jerome Lim (University of California, Santa Cruz), Ake Tangsupvattana, (Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS), Chulalongkorn University), Yumiko Okamoto, (Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University), and Yoon Young-kwan (Seoul National University).

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