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Offshoring and Working Conditions in Remote Work

Edited by Jon C. Messenger and Naj Ghosheh

Advances in information and communication technologies, combined with organizations seeking to reduce costs, have led to a dramatic growth in service sector offshoring and outsourcing, most notably to developing countries such as India. Despite burgeoning literature on this phenomenon, however, little attention has been paid to the working and employment conditions that exist in the growing number of workplaces providing business-process outsourcing and IT-enabled services in developing countries.

This book examines and provides a historical context for the development of the business-process outsourcing industry, based on case study analysis of working conditions in four countries where this industry is large or growing—Argentina, Brazil, India, and the Philippines. The contributors offer policy advice on how the growth of “good quality” jobs can be promoted as these industries grow and mature around the world.

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