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Oeuvres Économiques Complètes d’Auguste et de Léon Walras: The Complete Economic Works of Auguste and Léon Walras, 14 Volumes in French

No economics research library is complete without the works of Leon Walras (1834-1910), hailed as one of the greatest economists and father of general equilibrium theory. This remarkable collection brings together his complete writings, along with those of his father and mentor, noted economist Auguste Walras (1801-66).

“Léon Walras is one of the outstanding figures in the history of economic thought and is justifiably known as the father of generalequilibrium analysis.. The publication of [his] complete economic accordingly an event much to be welcomed.”—Don Patinkin Author of Money, Interest and Prices

“The publication of Auguste Walras’s writings is of interest . because he influenced his son Léon in both theoretical and normative respects.” —Donald Walker Author of Advances in General Equilibrium Theory

“[An] edition of complete works of these founding fathers of modern economic science has long been overdue.” —Wassily Leontief Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

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