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OECD Skills Outlook 2015

Youth, Skills and Employability

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD
OECD Skills Outlook 2015

Young people face both structural and cyclical problems to successfully integrate the labor market. Lack of appropriate skills and difficulty in applying those skills effectively are at the core of these problems. OECD Skills Outlook 2014 examines how policies can help young people develop, activate, and use their skills to increase their short- and long-term employability.

A comprehensive approach is required to raise the employability of youth. While education, social, and labor market policies have a key role to play, coordination between public policies and the private sector is also crucial. Building upon country examples and the results of a comprehensive survey of adult skills, OECD Skills Outlook 2014 provides an integrated, holistic approach for fostering youth employment.

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