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OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

How far have OECD countries advanced in their move to a knowledge-based economy? Which new technologies are growing in importance? How far have information and communications technologies spread? How are these trends affecting the global interaction of economies, in trade and investment as well as science and technology? And how does this affect productivity and industrial competitiveness? Over 200 graphs, many of which are new to this edition—the sixth in a series spanning a decade —provide a comprehensive picture of countries’ performance in the areas of science, technology, globalization, and industry. New indicators address emerging policy issues: international mobility of researchers and scientists, innovation as measured by patent families, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new indicators on the information economy, the role of multinational enterprises, productivity, firm turnover, and industrial performance. With the essential findings presented as bullet points and in methodological notes on indicators and data sources, this publication combines statistical rigor with easy access and readability. A supplemental electronic version, available at, makes individual sections, an elaborate data appendix, and links to the underlying databases readily available. The electronic version also gives users “clickable” access to the data used in charts and figures.

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