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Occupational Wages and Hours of Work and Retail Food Prices

Statistics from the ILO October Inquiry 2009

By International Labor Office

A valuable reference source for anyone interested in conditions of work and life, this trilingual publication provides detailed information on wages, hours of work, and food prices. Published annually, this volume presents the latest results of the ILO October Inquiry, a worldwide survey of wages and hours of work relating to 159 occupations in 49 industry groups and of retail prices of 93 food items. The series was initiated in 1924 and has been conducted regularly ever since. A major revision and expansion of the Inquiry was introduced in October 1985.

The occupations and industry groups covered in the book are important in terms of the number of employees, those which fall within the scope of ILO Industrial Committees and similar bodies and those which are important in terms of employment of certain types of workers (women, salaried employees, etc.). The food items covered are representative of the dietary habits in countries throughout the world.

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