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Occupational Injuries Statistics from Household Surveys and Establishment Surveys

An ILO Manual on Methods

By Karen Taswell and Peter Wingfield Digby

While most countries have some statistics on occupational injuries, in many, coverage is often limited, with certain industries, groups of workers, or types of injury not included. Even where coverage is broad, many occupational injuries go unrecorded due to inadequacies in reporting and notification systems. This manual seeks to remedy this situation by providing those responsible for compiling data on occupational injuries with newly developed collection tools. The book also emphasizes enhancing the comparability of data between countries by encouraging application of the latest international statistical standards. Key features • Practical guidance for the production of statistics on occupational injuries through household surveys and establishment surveys • In-depth explanation of the concepts underlying the statistics, as well as types of data, classification schemes, calculation of indicators and other important aspects, including international standards • Step-by-step approach for developing household and establishment surveys and processing and disseminating the data • Model questionnaires and training materials

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