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Nordic-Baltic-American Cooperation

Shaping the US-European Agenda

Edited by Kurt Volker and Ieva Kupce

The broader transatlantic relationship is increasingly described in terms of crisis. The European Union as a whole is focused on financial crisis management. And there is disappointment in Washington over Europe’s inability to step up as a more serious security partner.

Meanwhile, the Nordic-Baltic region stands out as a stable, responsible and dynamic part of Europe. As net contributors to prosperity, foreign policy management, development assistance and security, the region shows that market democracy still works, that a positive outward vision of the world is still possible and that there is still important work ahead for the transatlantic institutions. In fact, the region offers a model of how to retain U.S. engagement in Europe.



Executive Summary

Chapter 1: A Europe Whole and Free

Chapter 2: Embedding and Integration

Chapter 3: Russia and the East

Chapter 4: Energy Security

Chapter 5: US Engagement

Addendum: Nordic-Baltic-US Energy Cooperation: Any Progress Expected?

Contributors include Urban Ahlin (MP, deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Swedish Parliament), Per Augustsson (CTR), Erik Brattberg (CTR), Ian Brzezinksi (Atlantic Council), Matthew Bryza (former U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan), Veronika Wand Danielsson (Swedish ambassador to the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council), Daniel P. Fata (vice president, Cohen Group), Toomas Hendrik Ilves (president of Estonia), Jana Kobzová (European Council on Foreign Relations), Kadri Liik (International Center for Defense Studies of Estonia), Edward Lucas (Central and Eastern Europe correspondent for The Economist), Adam Daniel Rotfeld, (former minister of foreign affairs of Poland), Janis Sarts (state secretary, Ministry of Defense of Latvia), Andris Spruds (Latvian Institute of International Affairs), Tomá? Valá?ek (director of foreign policy and defense at the Centre for European Reform), Kurt Volker (CTR), and Mike Winnerstig (Swedish Defense Research Agency).

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