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Migration, Public Opinion and Politics

Edited by Bertelsmann Stiftung and Migration Policy Institute

Public perceptions and media coverage are powerful forces in shaping the immigration debate. Understanding public opinion on immigration, how it impacts the political debate, and how it affects reform prospects is critical when designing a strategy to advance thoughtful, rational, and effective immigration and integration policy.

This volume analyzes how the public perceives immigration and immigrants—from their effects on the job market to their impact on culture and society to their prospects for integration. The authors assess the forces that shape how we perceive immigration and immigrants. The book also highlights patterns and trends in how political leaders speak about immigration.

Focusing on three case studies, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, the volume includes chapters analyzing public opinion and media coverage of immigration issues in each country. Additional chapters propose strategies for unblocking opposition to thoughtful, effective immigration-related reforms.

In collaboration with the Migration Policy Institute

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